SDG ONE is a unified community platform for financing Sustainable Development Goal projects, emerging crowd wisdom and enabling Universal digital financial inclusion.
Inefficiencies and lack of transparency in impact funding, mainstream unawareness of systemic problems and barriers to digital and financial inclusion and empowerment continue to persist as they are approached in isolation of each other.
These challenges are interconnected and can only be successfully addressed if their interdependent pain points are engaged with holistic, integrated answers.
As a solution, SDG ONE is an advanced Blockchain and Crypto Asset ecosystem that unifies stakeholder potential to facilitate action and realize value, enables gamified knowledge share and learning within mission-based communities, and facilitates Universal smartphone-based digital financial inclusion through partnerships.

The greatest opportunity incorporates the greatest need and urgency. SDG ONE addresses challenges that require urgent and effective social, economic, ecological and environmental transformation in order to ensure Humanity’s positive future. We are all part of this future. We are all part of its solution.

Our collective contribution needs a common framework, and this is why the United Nations’ SDGs are vital. They are the only Universally accepted framework with goals within which people, business and government can collaborate to transform our world for the better. We achieve better as ONE.


The SDG ONE ecosystem is developed on an integrated, centralized and decentralized Multichain digital ledger. Our SDG token cryptocurrency enables secure and fast transactions together with more efficient global commerce. Our Token Launch As A Service fundraising for SDG partners establishes mutual financial support sustained by inclusive economics.

SDG Apps & DApps

SDG ONE enables you to build smart contract decentralized applications for the many SDG projects that will emerge over time up to 2030. Our suite of core, system and game Apps and DApps allow you to use SDG Token in multiple real word situations, learn more about how to achieve the SDGs and create greater global awareness of the goals so others may participate and benefit.

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SDG Inclusion

We offer a sustainable solution to Universal Basic Income and deliver a Digital Financial Inclusion platform. This comprises an inclusive smartphone finance and business marketing platform that allows the Base of Pyramid 4 Billion population to lease a smartphone for $1. It also allows businesses to efficiently reach and directly engage a $5 Trillion market.

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Innovative SDG Crypto Assets
Enable Us To Fund SDG Solutions
And Participate In Their Economies

SDG Goal 1

Goal 1: No Poverty
Brandable Poverty Tokens are launched through partner organizations involved in poverty alleviation projects that distribute services and opportunity to earn a living and create wealth through education, training and digital financial inclusion.

SDG Goal 2

Goal 2. Zero Hunger.
There is enough food for everyone. Brandable Food Tokens are launched through organizations that contribute to ending hunger with initiatives and innovation that distribute food, eliminate food waste and optimize farming and food production.

SDG Goal 3

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being.
Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Brandable Health Tokens are launched through organizations that enable healthier and more fulfilling lives through health related services and products as well as ultra low-cost Telemedicine-based Universal healthcare.

SDG Goal 4

SDG 4: Quality Education.
Education is a Human Right and should be Universal. Brandable Education Tokens are launched through organizations that provide learning and training services and products which enable conscious citizens, build capacity and create responsible leaders.

SDG Goal 5

SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
Discrimination and violence against women and girls is unintelligent as well as immoral as empowering women can add 10% plus to national economies. Brandable Women Tokens are launched through organizations that inject sponsorship into girl education and women entrepreneurs.

SDG Goal 7

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.
Renewable Energy is the New Normal. Brandable Energy Tokens are launched through organizations that invent, produce or deliver solutions which realize cleaner environments, enable healthier lifestyles and transform our world for the better for all people.

SDG Goal 8

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.
Inclusive Economics Helps Us All. Brandable Economy Tokens are launched through organizations that provide solutions which activate commercial innovation, empower communities with new value and enable successful lives.

SDG Goal 9

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.
Release the past and embrace the future. Brandable Innovation Tokens are launched through organizations that create, deliver or manage solutions which create new solutions, build strong industries and foster better living and working environments for all.

SDG Goal 11

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities .
Sustainability and resilience are in our DNA. Brandable Smart City Tokens are launched through organizations that provide innovative and sustainable solutions which create comfortable, efficient and prosperous habitats, and enable healthier and happier lives.

SDG Goal 12

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production .
Did you know 1/3 of food is lost to waste? Brandable Responsible Tokens are launched through organizations that deliver initiatives and solutions which reduce wasteful consumption and implement more efficient production.

SDG Goal 13

SDG 13: Climate Action .
Addressing Climate Change is Personal and Collective. Brandable Climate Tokens are launched through organizations that deliver solutions which encourage and reward positive personal, commercial and political Climate Action.

SDG Goal 17

SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal .
We know it – we’re stronger together. Brandable Partnership Tokens are launched through organizations that provide solutions which enable us to share resources, build new collective capacity, create profitable efficiencies and better transform our world.


SDG is the global token crypto asset for the Sustainable Development Goals powering Token As A Service solutions for organizations requiring a branded token to fund their SDG project.


Reserve Asset

SDG is an exchangeable utility and payment token asset that is also the reserve of all tokens.

Multi-Token Wallet

Manage multiple digital assets with your App wallet while directly supporting SDG projects.

2-Factor Security

The Social Finance App requires 2-Factor Authentication access to manage all assets.

Government Applications

Fraud-free welfare payments are just one of many government SDG Coin applications.

Saving Incentives

Earn interest when you save over time with SDG token rewards for contributing to the network.

SDG Debit Card

Enjoy instant Fiat currency POS payments & ATM withdrawals from your SDG balance.

SDG Chain

SDG Chain is a Transaction-based Multichain catering to centralized and decentralized market requirements in order to unite all SDG stakeholders, ensuring mutual support and collective achievement of the SDGs.


Transaction Chain

Public and Private Multi-Transactionchain.

Lightly Regulated

User identity is a community safety right


Transactions are confirmed in miliseconds

Granular Finance

Atomic payments and granular visibility.

Smart Contracts

Build Smart Contract applications for anything

Data Integrity

Verifiable merkle tree creates immutability

Create & Launch Your Token

The SDG Token As A Service platform provides your organization with a valuable fundraising asset-based toolkit and enables your community to use a powerful system for governing themselves and their economics.


Pre-Launch & Launch Service

Use our Pre-Launch and Launch service to create your utility service token and develop an integrated token economy that provides sustainable funding for your SDG project.

Intrinscally Tradable Tokens

Partner project Tokens created on the SDG platform achieve global liquidity as SDG is the reserve token currency in all SDG project tokens which have automatic price discovery with each other.

Mutual Fund Token Baskets

Directly support SDG projects by creating mutual fund baskets made of multiple SDG Tokens and fund them with their SDG Coin reserve. Manage your support through the Social Finance App.

Your SDG project is best suited to our Token As A Service if you can provide the following tokens


Access Tokens

Tokens offering holders exclusive access to unique services, non-public memberships, or specific software licenses.

Interactive Tokens

Tokens that reward users contributing content and support to the community and acquiring curation, influencer and voting rewards.

Captivate Tokens

Tokens providing users rights to benefit from the distribution of value created by the platform over time, captivates users for the long-term.

Start your SDG token journey today!

  • Fill in our token service application form
  • Summarize your service and ideas
  • Pass our due diligence and be approved
  • We sign the Token As A Service contract
  • You pay for the package you chose
  • We work and launch your token event

Our expert Token Panel will be happy to review and advise on your token idea for 1000 SDGs.

Social Finance Core App

The SDG ONE platform is engaged via Social Finance, our integrated community token App. Social Finance is available as native Android and iOS apps.

Purchase SDGs with USD, BTC or ETH

Send and receive SDGs easily like messaging

Issue a project token with SDGs as its reserve

Support SDG projects by sending SDGs to their token

Support multiple projects by creating mutual fund baskets

Send and receive any SDG project token issued through the App

View and manage your SDGs or portfolio of SDG project tokens

SDG Game Learn Apps

Education is a human right. SDG Game Learn makes it simple, addictive and fun on Smartphones.

SDG Game Learn is an next generation mobile Game Based Learning (GBL) system for the SDGs that will soon be integrated with SDG Chain.

SDG Game will launch with 5 SDG themed games, two of which are already live: SDG Hero (temporarily called SDG Game & Quiz) and SDG Achiever. These two games are currently available on Google Play and will soon be available in Apple App Store.

SDG Game Learn is also a viral way to earn SDG Mobile Minutes with Telecom partners, SDG Airmiles with Airline partners and SDG Coin with SDG ONE.

SDG Game Learn incorporates: 

Simple, Fun & Engaging Personal or Community Game Play

SDG Facts & Goals Education

Multiple Choice SDG Quiz Testing

Positive Behavioural Reinforcement For SDG Transformation

Interactive SDG Solution Ideas Suggestion

Viral SDG Awareness Creation.

User Determines Play, Change Theme or Self Test with the Quiz

Simple Engage or Avoid, Match Three and Logic Games

Educational Info-Bits are Presented in the Game

Self Test with the Quiz Gives Real Time Answers

Progress is shown with Personal Achievements

Competition with others Drives Greater Learning

SDG Ecosystem Apps

SDG Healthcare

When it comes to health, prevention is better than cure. SDG Healthcare (SDGH) is a world’s first B2B Universal “Uber” style lifestyle healthcare service accessible from anywhere in the world for a cost of just $1 per month.

The service is payable with SDG Coin via the Social Finance app and launches on December 15th 2017 through partner corporations for their employees, governments for their citizens and businesses for their customers. These include insurance, travel and retail companies with large customer bases.

⦁ Provided by accredited and qualified doctors who have passed comprehensive background checks.

SDG Healthcare Demo

⦁ Built on our decentralized SDG Transactionchain for data integrity, anonymity and security

⦁ Integrates the UK National Health Service (NHS) Choices database and Artificial Intelligence  to enable anyone with a smartphone to have a secure personalized healthcare service.

⦁ Use of Artificial Intelligence allows us to anonymously use each interaction to improve the SDGH service, helping you and all SDGH users.

⦁ The NHS Choices database integrates advice on more than 800 conditions and treatments as well as answers to topical and frequently asked health questions. Its Healthy lifestyle section, covering 110 broad topic areas, provides guides, tips and high-quality information on how to live a healthier life.

⦁ Our medical group comprises doctors and medical consultants / specialists with a high level of medical expertise. These include:
– Quality requirements
– A minimum 3 years of practicing experience
– Recommendation by a doctor in the network
– Working within our medical group must not be their primary work

SDGH is available as a service option within the Social Finance App.

SDG Exchange

Many people would like to trade online but don’t know how to. SDG Exchange makes futures trading easier by combining a learning and trading platform into a single exchange in which All transactions are carried out using SDG Coin.

Trading exchange pairs include SDG Coin with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins, enabling broad trading activity.

The platform incorporates a helpful FAQ section which serve as a beginner’s trading tutorial that all new users should read before opening their first futures positions.

A great deal of thought has gone into developing SDG Exchange and convenience, privacy, and ease-of-use are foremost in the exchange design.

Developers can integrate the SDG Exchange API (application programming interface) into their platforms and tools, and easily test API commands on their website before implementing them.

SDG Cloud

SDG Cloud leverages the capacity of SDG TrancactionChain technology to enable distributed networks to reach consensus in a secure and trustless way. Cryptographically secured smart contracts ensure the encryption and transfer of data with no possibility for a third party to interfere in any way.

SDG Cloud is a new approach to cloud storage platforms. Instead of hundreds of expensive data centers being owned and operated by a single companies, SDG Cloud decentralizes the opportunity to enable anyone to earn income by renting out spare capacity on their hard drive. Data integrity is protected using redundancy and cryptography.

The promise of SDG Cloud is a decentralized global network of personal, business and government data centers that, taken together, create the world’s fastest, cheapest, and most secure cloud storage platform that can be used for all the data that will be generated with SDG projects.

Completely Private
SDG Cloud splits apart, encrypts, and distributes your files across a decentralized network. Since you hold the keys, you own your data. No outside company can access or control your files, unlike traditional cloud storage providers.

Highly Affordable
SDG Cloud’s decentralized cloud is on average 10x less expensive than current cloud storage providers. Storing 1TB on SDG Cloud costs about $2 per month, compared with $23 on Amazon S3.

Very Redundant
SDG Cloud stores tiny pieces of your files on dozens of nodes across the globe. This eliminates any single point of failure and ensures highest possible up time, on par with leading cloud storage providers.

SDG Guru

SDG Guru is our knowledge-sharing community and marketplace.

If you’re seeking knowledge, SDG Guru is a service that enables you to find and interact with marketplace experts who will have answers to your questions.

If you are a knowledge provider, SDG Guru makes it easy for you share access to your knowledge on a free or fee basis, payable with SDG Coin.

Knowledge transfer will initially take the form of documentation—anything from business reports to academic dissertations—to anyone, anywhere. By sharing your knowledge and expertise via documents on SDG Guru, your knowledge and expertise will be available to a diverse global audience of aligned members of the SDG community that is looking for the knowledge you want to share.

Using intuitive knowledge provider profiles, ratings and recommendations together with provider-seeker discovery and interaction features including search, IM and group chat, SDG Guru allows users to develop develop deep and rewarding relationships.

SDG Vote

SDG Vote creates a finite number of  “vote tokens” called SDGV. All Social Finance users are allocated 100 SDGVs that they can use for matters presented in the SDG community. This can be a political, municipal or national country debate as well as community or co-operative based within Social Finance.

All Social Finance users receive their allocation of SDGVs  on a monthly basis like a universal basic income of votes.

In-built per subject 121 or group chat allows users to debate with each other before deciding which way to vote. They can then vote with a simple tap or assign more votes to a single matter using a slider bar.

As all SDG Vote activity takes place on the decentralized SDG Transactionchain with its tamper-resistant features, tampering with committed votes is practically impossible as no one can modify or subvert how the votes are stored on the Transactionchain.

Being able to allocate more SDG Votes to cared for issues is important compared to conventional one-person, one-vote elections, Facebook likes or petition signatures.

SDG Domains

All Social Finance app users will be able to purchase a custom .sdg (DOT SDG) Top Level Domain (TLD). For example: myname.sdg or mybusinessname.sdg

Premium names that cover or represent business or industry sectors, such as auto.sdg for example will be made available on auction.

SDG sector names such as climate.sdg, will be used within the system navigation.

More information on SDG Domain will soon be made available.

“”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

“Four billion low-income people, a majority of the world’s population, constitute the base of the economic pyramid. New empirical measures of their behavior as consumers and their aggregate purchasing power suggest significant opportunities for market-based approaches to better meet their needs, increase their productivity and incomes, and empower their entry into the formal economy.”
International Finance Corporation

SDG Inclusion

Enabling Sustainable & Profitable Poverty Alleviation

“Digital financial services can end the financial exclusion of 1.6 billion people and add 95 million jobs and $3.7 trillion to the economies of developing markets—in under 10 years.” – McKinsey Global Institute

Humanity $1 Smartphone


We Enable Access To The $5 Trillion Base Of Pyramid Economy
While Creating Universal Digital Financial Inclusion.

Once we understand how collective consciousness empowers each human being, we know the giant leap Humanity will take when everyone is included in the digital economy via smartphones.
There will be a Conscious Tipping Point throughout Humanity.
Today, 4 billion people, nearly 60% of Humanity, are impoverished and unconnected. The HUMANITY $1 Smartphone, powered by SDG Coin, turns a $90 retail smartphone into a $1 Smartphone As A Service for registered professional users.  Humanity also enables businesses and governments to directly engage and activate their $5 Trillion economy for the first time with Apps, surveys and intelligent data, for a fee paid in SDG Coin. HUMANITY uses the SDG Crypto Asset fees to finance the true cost of the device, enabling registered users to lease a smartphone for just $1.
With our B2B SDG Healthcare and satellite services, HUMANITY will soon deliver Universal healthcare worldwide for an additional $1/month.

Base of Pyramid Project Inclusion Solution

Android 7 Operating System, 3G

2 Year lease to end user: $1

Apps, Surveys, Data & Sponsorship Finance

Reinforced Frame & Screen, Unbeatable Value

Screen: 5inch FWVGA 854*480

Dual SIM: Micro SIM + NANO SIM / TF Card

Memory: 1GB RAM / 8GB 8GB+DDR3 ROM

Processor: MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core

Frequency Band: GSM: B2/3/5/8 | WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8

Camera: Rear: 5MP; Front: 2MP

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

GPS: Support


IP68 Economy Base of Pyramid / Global Solution

Android 7 Operating System, 3G

2 Year lease to end user: $50

Apps, Surveys, Data & Sponsorship Finance

Reinforced Frame & Screen, Unbeatable Value

Screen: 5 inch WVGA Gorilla 3 TP

Dual SIM: Micro SIM + NANO SIM / TF Card

Memory: 1GB RAM / 16GB 16GB+DDR3 ROM

Processor:  MTK6737VW 1.3GHz Quad-Core

Frequency: Forward (satellite – ground): 2170 MHz – 2200 MHz;  Return (ground – satellite): 1980 MHz – 2010 MHz

Camera: Rear: 5MP; Front: 2MP

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

GPS: Support

Two World First Smartphones

World first $1 Smartphone for registered users in government Digital Financial Inclusion projects. World first Android satellite smartphone. Both employ Social Finance platform and SDG to enable Universal digital economy inclusion.

Mobile Device Management

Our MDM Advertiser Panel allows advertisers to push apps and surveys to home screens of either phone. Non-personal data can be acquired by organizations supporting the local community. All advertiser fees are paid by SDGs.

Ad Campaign System

Advertisers can launch with weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annual campaigns. Automatic report emails are available for to advertisers who also have the ability to setup recurring payments for campaigns and launch multiple campaigns

Powerful Campaign Wizard

Our Campaign wizard incorporates step by step campaign and deployment. Criteria-based targeted deployments enable targeting by age group, interests, location, device type, gender, country, income and SDG project.

Advanced Sponsorship Panel

The Sponsorship panel allows supporters to sponsor either phone and share profit via a DAC. Sponsors select smartphones to purchase and pay for them with SDGs. DAC profit share is paid to their Social Finance SDG address.

Advertiser MDM Admin Panel

The Admin Panel includes the following features: Sponsorship management, Affiliate management, Export spreadsheet of affiliates and sponsors, view on payment amount for bulk payment processing and Revenue projections, .

SDG Coin Economy

Commercial activity of both Smartphones is based on SDG. Ads, Media, Surveys, App deployments and Data acquisition are paid for by SDGs. All Smartphone users receive SDGs in a Social Finance App with their device.

Custom Launcher

Our custom launcher ensures your App cannot be removed from the home screen and enables us to track Charts of installs Revenue per phone breakdowns, App approval process (to avoid bad Apps being deployed) Weekly automatic reports.

Additional Features

We will be adding new features to both Humanity Smartphones. These include Auctions for home-screen icon positioning, Dynamic positioning on the home-screen and Automatic real tome rotation of home-screen app positions.

SDG Platform Timeline

We started, on our own, by helping with the MDGs in 2011.
We’ll finish, with you, by achieving the SDGs in 2030.

SDG Token Sale Timeline

SDG Launch Allocation

Token Pre=Sale – $6.03 Million

Token Sale – Four Events – $193.5 Million

10 Billion (10,000,000,000) Token Supply

SDG Token

  • 77% Public Token Distribution
  • 15% Company & Development
  • 3% Marketers & Promoters
  • 5% Advisers & Regulation Experts


We have taken on a major responsibility supporting the SDGs as we propose to. We have a clear and achievable plan and an internal White Paper. We have an initial MVP which we are looking to expand, and our CTO is now working on further developing our SDG Ecosystem platform for our Pre-ICO event.

To ensure our success we are establishing a world class team which we will soon announce.

If you recognize the importance of achieving the SDGs and would like to join our team, please fill in and submit the form accessible via the button below.

*We seek to hire the following work experiences and capabilities:

United Nations, UN Agencies, UN NGOs, UN consultative status

Full stack / lead developers

Project Finance

Digital Ledger, Cryptocurrency,Token Launches

Digital Media Marketing

SDG Country representation

Advisers, Experts

Partners & Resources

Contact Us

Join us and transform the world with SDG ONE